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chart wheelAstrology means "knowledge of the stars." A skilled astrologer views the stars and planets as life forces that are experienced within each of us.

The sun is the king of the stars; the center of the astrological stage,. The sun is the core of your essence. This core is identified as your sun sign and is determined by what time of the year you were born. Most newspapers astrology predictions are based on Sun signs. But Astrology is so much more. Your sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg. Astrology uses the placement of the sun, moon, all the planet and stars relative to each other and to the signs of the zodiac they lie, The time and location of your birth determines where each one is in the sky relative to where you were born. This form the twelve houses of the birth chart determining what part of your each influences.

As an astrologer I calculates the chart based on the date, place and time of birth, and then interprets the chart based on many different factors. Some of the factors are the aspects between the planets, formations formed between the planets. The placement of the planets in the houses. The strength of the planets. This is just a few of the basics.

As a professional astrologer I can give insight and answers to the problems and dilemmas in peoples lives. A good astrologer gives insights that are accurate and very specific to the persons life, not just the generalizations that are found in the newspapers astrology columns.

There are several techniques of forecasting in astrology I use. Transits, the most popular, are based on the actual motion of planets moving through space  and the aspect they form to your birth chart. Another technique, progressions are based on the movements of the planets after birth, symbolically where one day equals a year forming event time period or cycle of life. Then there are return chart. Solar Return Charts are very popular. Each year the sun returns to the exact spot where it was when you were born. The astrologer takes a snap shot and creates a chart and can predicts the events for the coming year. You can even change the flow of the year by changing were you celebrate your birthday.

Scientists confirm that the heavens are a macrocosm to our own physical being (which would be the microcosm). In short, the universe mirrors our human-ness and vice versa. There is no magic involved. Astrology is quite simple and straightforward; that's partly the reason why it's remained a steadfast tool to humankind for over three thousand years..

"Millionaires don't use Astrologers, Billionaires do." - J. P. Morgan