Astrological Reading and astrology reports, tarot reading and Numerology report in Austin, Dallas,
San Antonio and Houston Texas.
Astrological reading and astrology reports

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Astrologer serving Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and all of Texas. Services natal horoscope charts and reports, weekly transits, relocation, relationships

Astrological Reading and Charts

All my readings start with one of my reports. Reading can be in person, by phone, by skype or online. Avaiable in online reports and/or 30 minute, 60 minute cunsulting sessions. Or, if you have just one question, you can choose a Reading by the minute. I starting every one with one of my reports. So to cover the basics and sometimes that all someone needs. Then add a consult, so we can talk if you have additional questions that need answered

  Natal Birth Report & Chart Reading

Who are you? What's your life purpose? What makes you special?
This is the amazing, life-defining Reading. What is your personality and your special purpose? Why are you here? What schallenges will you have in this life and how can you over come them? What type person is your perfect mate? What do I have to do to be successful? I will use your Natal Chart to answer these questions and more.  You’ll get a clear, helpful, and understanding of your life potential.

   Personalized Yearly Horoscope Forecasts by Progressions, Transits and Solar Returns

Find out what opportunities and challenges you’ll be experiencing in future, including relationships, career, family and finances.  I will identify special dates, significant events and when to expect them. I will tell you the reason for your experiences.  I’ll advise you the best times to make good decisions. Plus, I’ll answer any questions you may have about your future..

  Relationship and Compatibility Readings

For couples, Business Partners, Families, Friends and Teams. My Astrological Relationship Readings provide clarity into the unique chemistry of your relationships. Love, marriage, children,  family, business partner and teams each providing information and insights about the quality of the relationships: What is your purpose together? What are you here to learn from each other and what can you accomplish together?  What challenges might you face together? Where is your relationship going, are you mates for life or just ships passing ship in the night? 

.  Astrology Relocation Astrocartagraphy Reading

Find your true love, jump start your career, improved your social life or just find the perfect place to call home. Get the edge on life by saving you time, money and potential disappointment from moving, just to find you don't fit or having a bad time on your next vacation. You will be amazed at being able to know in advance how a city's or countries energy will flow with you. About 2 to 3 pages per location analyzed.

  Lucky Stars Reading

Want to know how to win big, know your lucky days, when lady luck is standing next to you. I have spent years analyzing hundreds of the astrological charts of lotto winners, lottery winners and professional gamblers and big winner in Las Vegas.

What I discovered is that most big winners all had the exact same transits and progressions happening when they were winning big. If you don't have have these transits happening in your horoscope, then your just giving away your money. So let me help you make some money and save some money when you gamble, play Bingo or just the play the Lottery.

I analize yout natal chart for lucky aspects, do a current Jupiter Return and compile a list of lucky dates for the next three years.