Free Tarot Reading

Get your free tarot card reading with complete answers and deliniation for each card. Free Tarot reading Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio Texas
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Free Tarot Reading

Sorry I have decided to remove the Free Tarot Card software. I felt it was not helping people and was doing more harm than good. When I compared the the same tarot reading done by me with the ones done by the software they had nothing in common. Most of the time the answers were not revellent to the question being asked. They just seems to babble non sense and sometime giving very incorrect responses. There is such varied meanings to each tarot card. It takes a skill person to put the meaning of each cards together in the spread to tell the correct story to help make informed decisions

For those that wish to play around with tarot software I found this free one that was very nice. It is called JTarot. But I would not count on it to give you a correct answer to a serious question. It can be downloaded from