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Locally serving Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and all of Texas. Services natal horoscope charts and reports, weekly transits, relocation, relationships

old astrolgerThe history of astrology can be traced back to the earliest phases of Babylonian history, in the third millennium BC.

The earliest Babylonian astrology text dates back to 1600 BC. This text describes astronomical omens and their application to national and political affairs.

During the middle ages Astrology became embodied in the lore of Jews and Christians, and came to be the substance of the astrology of the Middle Ages. This would lead to Church prelates and Protestant princes using the services of astrologers. This system was referred to as "judicial astrology", and its practitioners believed that the position of heavenly bodies influenced the affairs of mankind. It was placed on a similar footing of equality and esteem with "natural astrology", the latter name for the study of the motions and phenomena of the heavenly bodies and their effect on the weather.

Starting with the view that man's life and happiness are largely dependent upon phenomena in the heavens, that the fertility of the soil is dependent upon the sun shining in the heavens as well as upon the rains that come from heaven; and that, on the other hand, the mischief and damage done by storms and floods (both of which the Euphratean Valley was almost regularly subject to), were to be traced likewise to the heavens – the conclusion was drawn that all the great gods had their seats in the heavens.