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Locally serving Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and all of Texas. Services natal horoscope charts and reports, weekly transits, relocation, relatinships
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Tarot Love/Relationship Spread

Description: Is He/She The One? Tarot Spread
This is a seven card Tarot spread that addresses that question... Is he/she the one?


  1. Is he/she potentially "the one" for the you?
  2. Is commitment/marriage a possibility with this person?
  3. Influences standing in the way of a relationship.
  4. Influences acting in favor of a relationship.
  5. What can you do to help (or be ready for) this person (to) become part of their life?
  6. What does this person need to do before they are ready to become part of your life?
  7. Will you be happy with this person?