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Horoscope Compatibility Reading $19.95

Sample Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Relationship Report

The one of the most popular concerns horoscope compatiblity in love and relationships. There are several ways to evaluate compatibility. The first method is synastry . This is a process of comparing the two natal charts together. One chart is superimposed onto another chart.¬† The comparison through the synastry chart gives an understanding of how each individual is likely to relate to the other.  The other is a composite chart and Davidson Chart. The composite chart merges two charts into one. The composite chart gives a sense of how, as a couple or partnership, the two will operate together.¬†With the composite chart we can use it to predict future events and to help pick the best time for an event like marriage..

Synastry and composite charts are not simply for lovers. horoscope compatibility of parents and children can be compared. Even siblings, coworkers, business partners, and roommates, even an entire team can learn a lot about how they interact with each other. The charts can be wonderful tools for understanding each other and can also guide the individuals when making joint plans, choosing dates for marriage, signing a contract, starting a business, making decisions, and generally finding the most auspicious times to accomplish joint activities.

If you are lacking birth times. I can do a birth chart for the relationship. I need the day, time and place you first meet. It is read much like a composite chart and can be used to predict events in the relationship.

The horoscope compatiblity report is about twenty pages long. After your get your report you may ask questions if you selected one my consulting packages. Consulting can be done face to face, phone, skype or email.


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