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Solar Return Report and Chart

Your Solar Return is a chart calculated for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its exact natal position each year on your birthday. This chart can be read much like a natal chart, except that it must be kept in mind that it is in effect only for one year—approximately from birthday to birthday. Blending over at the end of each cycle. A Solar return chart is a powerful astrological forecasting tool that offers glimpses into the circumstances and themes you are likely to experience during the year.

Want to know how to get more love, money and success by traveling on your birthday. By analyzing your upcoming solar return. I can rotate the astrological houses based on different location in the world and find the one that will give you the best opportunities to get what you want. Just travel to that location on your birthday and you are set for the year. This applies to other types of returns ( Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn )

I can do other types of return charts such as a Jupiter return for luck dates, Venus return for finding love. Mars return for athletics and Saturn return for your Karma