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Locally serving Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and all of Texas. Services natal horoscope charts and reports, weekly transits, relocation, relationships

Three Year Astrology Transit Progression Forecast Report $19.95

Sample President Obama 2012 Daily and weekly horoscope Forecast

zodiac weeklyWhen transiting planets form certain angles to your natal planets they are said to be planets in aspect to each other. These aspects provide insights and provide interpretations into your life's' daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycles.

Transits to your birth chart are like relationships, they change, grow, transform and adapt with the passage of time.  Your transiting planets activate, stimulate, influence and interact with your natal planets and it is these relationships that have been identified and used throughout the centuries to forecast future events. These relationships are further defined and understood by referring to each planets sign and house position involved.

My horoscope forecast and transit reports cover all progressions, major transit and shadow transits. Aspects for the Sun, Moon, all planets and Lilith. All major transits to the asteroids Chiron, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Juno. Transits to the Lunar Nodes, Vertex and Par of fortune. Plus transits to the ascendant and mid heaven. Report is about 50 pages long.


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